Sunday, April 12, 2015

Creative works & gardens

Well after days of shoveling mulch and sawdust the rain drive me in one day last week and I took advantage of it!!!
So remaking jeans.. Adding patches to my favorite jean shirts before they fall apart!
I never buy 'new' clothes.. Thrift store clothing works just fine for me .. Jeans never ever get thrown out!
They start out being nice.. 'Going out jeans'... Eventually they will get stained or ripped so they be come farm jeans...
Then as they really start to fall apart I patch them up really cute , add embroidery .. Appliqu├ęs ... Hand crocheted bits of lace sometimes .. Making them going out jeans again :-)
Love this little embroidery design...

While the machine was working on that design I made a new necklace with guinea feathers!! I love the polka dotted feathers from those birds!
I have loads of feathers I've collected over the years... The d'uccle feather is another favorite . I plan to make more jewelry in the future .. Maybe on a future rainy day ... Love the way it turned now I'm motivated !
My favorite jean shorts...needed some more patches.. They were getting very thread bare! 
My greenhouse is rocking the seedlings!
It's so exciting to see a plant make it's first appearance ... Here's a herb peeking up called dragon balm .. A tea herb.
One of my strawberry beds! So many blooms.... 
Silkies... All grown up :-)

This coming week looks to be busy... 

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