Sunday, March 1, 2015

Waiting for spring...

This has really been quite the winter! I can't ever remember being that frozen for soo long! For days everything was frozen!
first came the crazy ice storm that knocked out power for almost everyone and crushed my new greenhouse with a broken pine....
then we had a majorly annoying snow storm of around 5 to 8 inches....
a little break... then rain,,, and more they are called for more ice and snow... not cool!
What is cool is the adorable baby vulture I have... just kidding ! This is a baby squab!
I'm thrilled that he survived the negative temperatures! Good parents .,,,
Also on the bright side.... I still have greens under my low tunnels! Low tunnels are a must!

And through all the ice and snow and crazy low temperatures .... my ducks started kicking out the eggs! Fresh eggs and greens from the low tunnels... Added a few sun dried tomatoes from last year's garden...for a slight taste of summer...

Spring please hurry! 

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