Thursday, February 5, 2015

Muscovy Duck... The rest of the story..

In the last post I mentioned we usually get 3 or 4 meals from 1 Muscovy drake.. This time is no exception ...
We had some left over Muscovy meat with our lunch .. Then I boiled the carcass for that awesome duck broth !!! Picked  the rest of the meat.. There was still alot left on that big boy!
After that, I brought the broth and meat back up to a boil added dehydrated carrots, peppers, onions and a jar of home canned green beans... Added a cup and half of wild rice ... Salt to perfection .. We have yet another healthy home cooked meal! We will eat this tonight and have plenty for lunch the next day ... I love stretching out of farm foods !
Word about wild rice... I love it! But .. Can not grow it here ,, it's super expensive in the grocery store so I order it in bulk from azure standard .. Much cheaper and it last in storage so I have some on hand when ever I want. 

What to do when we want something sweet on the farm...
I try to avoid using flours alot. Corn as our main grain is kinder to my body! So i spend alot of time trying to come up with desserts made with cornmeal... also convenient since we grow dent corn on our farm...This is fresh ground blue corn meal mini cake with a spoon full of my wild blackberry and red wine jam,,, the sweetener I used in the cake was some pear sauce I had canned from foraged pears one year.. Sweet, but not to sweet! Most desserts are way to sweet for me,, I like to taste flavor! Not just sugar...
These cakes were baked in iron cookware giving them an extra nice crispy crust like texture!

Looks like it's past time to take out some of my extra Pekin drakes...I moved them up from the pond to the main area to try and separate them! 
 I hate it but they are starting to fight and harass the girls ,,which will stress them out and they will get hurt. Its cruel to keep to many drakes with the girls,,,
Though I hate it,, they will be put to good use as a healthy food and fat source for us. Unlike lean muscovy , most know , Peking have excellent golden fat for cooking! And since it's kinda our thing to use as much of the animal as possible you can bet I will be rendering and saving this liquid gold! 

Hope everyone has an excellent evening! Till next time!

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