Sunday, February 8, 2015

Herb Gardening

I've got to step up our herb production here on the farm!

I have a fairly large herb garden already..,but one can never have enough gardens!
And to keep things interesting I decided to make 2 new raised beds.. One permaculture design , raved about by many as being a more productive way to grow... And the other a typical raised square bed... Which I know is productive...Each has the same mix of compost and dirt... They are the same size ... And will be planted with the same plants.
Which will be most productive and easier to maintain is the question!
They are both placed on a layer of newspapers and thick mulch to help keep weeds from growing around them... If not for that I can tell you the spiral bed would be harder to weed around the edges! I'm speaking from previous experience dealing with the stones in landscaping.

The spiral bed cost me nothing but was harder to build. The square bed is made with cull block so it was inexpensive but did cost some money. It was easier to build though.
More about this as we get into growing!!!!!

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