Sunday, February 1, 2015

Farm Feast Day Challenge week 2

Week 2 of our Farm Feast Challenge!
Last week the challenge did exactly what we wanted... proved all the hard work was paying off and motivated us to do more!
it also did something I didn't expect,,, showed us where our weaknesses are...we already know we need a sweetener produced on our farm....and we have beehives that were started last spring... but last week also reveiled our lack of homegrown culinary herbs.
I grew more herbs successfully in the city that I have here on our farm... totally my fault,, I have been concentrating on getting vegetables and fruits right,, as well as trying out a lot of different livestock breeds , searching for the perfect low input livestock , I have totally neglected herbs!
That has to change this year.....but for now....

Breakfast! Duck eggs from my 3 early laying duckies, fresh mustard greens from the low tunnel and a slice of guinea hog bacon and slice of smoke cured guinea fat back.... double yum!
having the fat back cured out is a wonderful thing ,,, it's extra rich, you only need a little piece!
we also do not cure our own meat yet,,, we are thankful to be close to the famous Bentons in Madisonville that does all our bacon and Hams. 
We have plans on the to do list for building all smoke house hopefully in the not to distant future . That's definitely a skill we want to have here.

Next,, mid morning snack.... dried hickory king dent corn, shelled,,,,,,

Iron skillet with a little lard,,, roast those Kerns until they pop and get toasty brown... little salt,,, yummy snack! They should really be soaked over night before they are roasted ,,, but I don't mind extra crunchy 

For lunch I took the broth I made from last week's muscovy duck carcass ,,, heated it up and added dehydrated onions, tomatoes, green peppers, okra , zucchini ,, all preserved from my garden
3 crushed hot peppers from the garden and salt to flavor the already delicious broth,,,

and made a beautiful soup,,,, topped with a few crunchy roasted corn kernels saved from my earlier snack.

this was a great part of the challenge also,,, I often dehydrate veggies , vacuum bag them and they sit in our root cellar for a year or two,, then I feed them to an animal!
This challenge forces me to utilize foods I have preserved I normally over look or just reach for something familiar to use.
this was an awesome flavorful soup.

Mid afternoon snack... rendered out crispy cracklings from the lard I rendered the week before,,, little salt,, perfect!

another wonderful discovery we might not have made if we hadn't challenged ourselves like this ....
my pepper relish,,, heaven with a pork chop!
Another thing I like making with extra garden produce,,, relishes! But then we only eat them on lamb burgers... so a bunch just sit in the celler,,, 
we like to eat fancy mustards with our guinea hog pork chops,, the vinegar tang of them really complements the sweet fat in the meat,,, but it's farm feast day,,, I can't reach for that bottle of grey poupon! 
So looking over my home canned goods I see my honey pepper relish,,, it's made with alittle honey (which was bought but hopefully won't be buying it much longer) my green and banana peppers and apple cider vinger( which was also a purchase for the recipe)
it was better than any mustard could have been!!
It was an awesome discovery!
And also revealed another product I need to be producing here ,,, vinegars.
With the pork chop we also had lard sautéed greens beans that were frozen from last season.
a little salt,,, perfect end to our second farm feast challenge!

As always,,, so thankful to the Lord for making it all possible. 

Til next time!

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  1. I am so glad to have found your blog because it encourages me. I find myself overwhelmed with the things I wish I were already doing on my homestead. Then I remember the verses, "Line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little, there a little..." I will do what I can today and tomorrow is another day full of opportunities to do what I can again. I am content. God is good!