Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Farm feast challenge 3 and the veggies keep rolling in!

Well, this will be short and sweet because right now my grandson is getting ready to be born and I'm so nervous!

farm feast day was great as usual,,, no real challenges this week though, I kept it super simple because things are picking up here! We are building more raised beds and garden areas... seeds are being sprouting for early planting in the low and high tunnels...

Breakfast!  Simple half slice of guinea hog ham with fresh mustard greens sautéed in the fat.. nicely salted.

Lunch! Something fast because it's pretty enough to work outside and I gotta get to it! So  I had the other half of my morning slice of ham with some fresh ground grits from our hickory king corn cooked with a bit of bacon grease for amazing flavor!
A hearty fast lamb and veggie soup! This is my favorite home grown quick meal to make... a jar of home canned green beans, tomatoes, pound of ground lamb, fresh onions and garlic from the garden and some dehydrated green peppers....yum! I had extra ground cornmeal left over so I whipped up a cake of cornbread to go with it... using a duck egg, lard, salt and little baking powder ,,,perfect quick filling! 
Great way to end a long day!

Few pics of my harvest today... spinach!
Carrots! Some huge, some tiny! I think I need new seeds or to spread my compost more evenly!
I love low tunnels!

Oh,,, now to go back to being nervous about the close arrival of that grand baby!

 I am so blessed ! I get to be a grand mother!

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