Monday, February 16, 2015

Cushaw Squash... Not just a Halloween decoration but a valuable food!

Yummy heirloom giant winter squash from last summers garden! What could be better for this cold week ahead of us here.
many people see these squash out around Halloween for decorations ,, I've actually had people question if they were edible ,,, they are and they are wonderful! 
If you know what to do with them. 
Unlike acorn or butternut the cushaw is huge...this one here weighs over 10 pounds! 
That's a lot of squash,, alot of food! If your used to those tiny things in the grocery store you cut in half ,roast a little while and serve as a side for one meal this squash may be a bit overwhelming  to you .

Also the flavor difference needs to be taken into consideration. Not at all like the sweet flavor of delica,  acorn and butternut most people are so used too , the cushaw is more of a blank pallet .. that does not stand well alone as a simple roast side dish. 
If your a creative cook , this is not a problem but a wonderful thing because it can be used as a base for a sweet dish or more suited to a savory dish where sweetness may not be a welcome taste.
it's easier to add flavor than to take away, which for me, makes this squash a most versatile vegetable to use in the kitchen! Not to mention it's a power house of vitamins!

This week's cold weather is going to keep me in so I thought why not have a fun challenge for myself! 
I've been cooking with these squash for years now! And have come up with many ways to use them in many different recipes,,, sweet and savory! 
I've always been able to get 3 to 4 different recipes out of one large squash,,,,, for this week I'm challenging myself to try and get 5 meals out of this one 10 pounder!
The fun starts tonight!
Btw,, no part of this squash is wasted,, the skin and the seed guts are all relished by our pigs or poultry! Never a bit left !

I can't wait to eat dinner tonight! 

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