Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Cushaw Squash , 1 of 5

Well, I have to say ,, the first of five meals using the cushaw,,, huge success! 

I made a recipe I'm going to call...
Cushaw Squash and Roasted winter vegetables with creamy goat cheese grits

oh yeah!

earlier in the day I roasted and peeled the giant squash so it would be all ready,,,shelled my corn for grinding to make the grits,,,

Onions, Brussel sprouts, lots of cubed cushaw and a few complementary herbs all roasted up in a cast iron skillet...
The hand ground grits were simmered slowly and a creamy havarti goat cheese was mixed in...

Pure wonderful! Cushaw was perfect for this ,,, a typical sweeter squash may not have tasted quite right in this was very savory and definitely a great winter comfort food!

Recipe all wrote down... to be made a few more times before I add it to my recipe book...eating this again sure won't be a problem! 
Its a keeper !

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