Friday, February 20, 2015

Cushaw Heirloom Squash , 4 of 5!!

The winter weather we've been hit with is really wearing me out!

Thank goodness for more comfort foods ... 
this may possibly be the best winter squash soup I've ever made! For the most part I find winter squash soups suitable as a side dish or a appetizer , and sometimes kinda boring,,,,certainly not as a main dish.. so when I decided to make a cushaw soup I really wanted it to be that smooth texture everyone loves with a winter squash soup but with a richer flavor and more filling!

Yeah,,, I've made many winter squash soups... with many different components. ..but
Herbed Cushaw Soap! this soup, made with homemade duck broth... the savory cushaw, home canned tomatoes and some flavorful herbs really takes the winner spot!
topped with a little blue cheese and fresh chives... warming, hearty  & perfect for and cold day...

Well, I'm keeping this short and sweet! Last cushaw meal posted soon!

Keep warm out there!

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