Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Cushaw 5th and final meal!

Well! Better late than never! I meant to post the final cushaw meal last Saturday! 
But weather, power outage and poultry management in the cold weather kinda got in the way... such is farm life.

For my 5th and final meal of the week, made using that one huge cushaw squash I made a recipe I've actually made before... winter squash and caramelized onion pizza.
not and traditional pizza by any means! But delicious and very healthy by all means.
I made a simple sour dough rosemary crust... Caramelized the onions , added a pound of squash,, spread over the crust, topped with red wine braised goat tenders (my favorite pizza topping ever!)
goat cheese and goat havarti. .. fresh garlic chives!

another great savory cushaw based meal!
5 wildly different meals and a dessert from one squash ! And honestly I could have halfed the amount I used on the pizza and made my awesome winter squash brownies (note taken for next time)

this was such a fun challenge for me! I developed even more great recipes using this wonderful vegetable !
really added a fun factor to my week of being snowed in!

In other farm life... despite freezing temperatures and record lows , my low tunnels are still producing beautiful fresh greens!

And though we and most of our poultry do not care for the snow... the pigs are not phased and our poultry guardians are acting like it's a trip to an amusement park! 
I've never seen this girl behave like a puppy! 
Lol! Annabelle is our lead lgd,,, a very serious territorial guard! So funny to see her so playful!

I'm glad someone enjoys this!

More soon...Til next time... I'm praying for spring and pouring over garden, fruit and herb planting catalogs...

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