Thursday, February 19, 2015

Cushaw , 3 of 5, plus a dessert!

Another wow meal from a healthy cushaw centered recipe!

these really really won my husband over! I mean he liked the last two alot!... but he took a lot bite of this and said , home run, baby! Lol!

So my Cushaw Tacos... winner , winner! 

I made a herbed and spiced filling of the cushaw squash and caramelized onions...
and a spicy bean topping ...toasted some corn tortillas on a cast iron skillet .. throw on a little goat cheese... and then a couple spoons full of my mother's home canned corn relish,,, wow,wow,wow!
Once again, the non sweet, but great texture and savory flavor was the perfect base for the tacos,, 

Another thing, my husband typically does not rave about dinners without meat... that also tells me how much he liked it!

And a dessert! Despite making 3 big meals featuring this squash I still have a lot of that huge 10 pounder!
so I'm feeling pretty confident I'll have enough to make the next 2

Cushaw & peaches with a sweet cornbread topping!

I'm a huge fan of cobblers , but I try to limit my use of grains. Using cornmeal as a part of the topping cuts back on the grain i have to use, its delicious, adds a nice texture and I think my home grown dent corn is way healthy .
 Cobblers make great use of my canned fruits! Using a cushaw as part of the fruit adds lots of extra vitamins to a dessert,, now a sweet squash could be used for this recipe,, but a small sweet squash couldn't have been a part of all these meals AND a dessert! A small amount of honey or sorghum can make this as sweet as you want.... as I've said before... in cooking, it's easier to add , than to take away!
this was a perfect comfort food dessert!
With the peaches I canned in their juice being so sweet very little additional sweetener was needed.

Well,,, I'm over half way there! 3 meals featuring the huge and awesome heirloom cushaw, plus a dessert and I have 2 meals to go!

This has really been fun for me! I love cooking and finding new ways to use vegetables I love! And are easy to grow here !

Looking forward to the next 2 meals!

But, As much as I love cooking .... when this is over it needs to be my husband's turn in the kitchen a few days ...well , he does cook breakfast every morning! 

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