Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Cushaw 2 out of 5

Cushaw meal number two! A winner!

now I'm sure you've seen noodle less lasagne and thought ..yuk! This is not yuk! The thin sliced , non sweet cushaw is a perfect in place of noodles,, which would make this meal sort of paleo,  I think, definitely a gluten free dish here!  
All I know is this Cushaw & Guinea Hog Pork Lasagne i come up with is awesome!

I used ground guinea hog pork, seasoned up with my favorite sausage spices and herbs,,, home canned tomatoes,,,
as you can see in the pic I've made long slices of about 1/4 of an inch thick and started layering it with the meat mixture ,,, it took just over 2 lbs of squash for this recipe (yesterday's recipe took 2 cups)

For the rest of the filling I layered sautéed mustard greens and mushrooms,, with 1 kind of goat cheese,,,
then topped with another kind of goat cheese... bake...

Perfection.. oh my goodness! I did not even miss the noodles at all and I think this is my new favorite lasagne recipe!
You can see all the yummy layers here,,, what a healthy homemade lasagne !

This squash is so big! I think I can squeeze a dessert out if it too!
the other wonderful thing about cushaw..if your not growing them. Many times after Halloween you can buy real big ones for 4 dollars...
that's about the same price as a little 3 lb acorn or butternut squash,,, talk about economical ! 
I sure can't get 2 huge meals out of one if those little things... let alone 5 ,, and a dessert!

I also have to say, that while the cushaw makes the perfect healthy noodle substitute and I used more of it here that the other ingredients , the guinea hog pork impacted the flavor and put this dish over the top,,, I'm not sure pork that didn't come from a heritage lard hog would make as good of a dish... but guinea hog and other true lard hogs do have that effect! It would still be good... just not as good! Be good to yourself,, find some true lard hog pork! Life changing!! 

Its still horribly wintery here! Ice and snow... he's a pic of our guinea hog sows,,, not happy about it either!

But we are warm and blessed with an abundance of homegrown foods to eat!
So for all my whining about the cold... it's not that bad.
God is very good!

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