Wednesday, January 21, 2015

This week on the farm...

It's been a beautiful week so far! Sunshine in January !
The livestock has enjoyed it, the winter gardens under cover are hitting a growth spurt! 
My sons girlfriend is helping me with the farm business now so it looks I may actually be able to stay caught up this year!
We have 4 reservations/ deposits on future puppies out of Sammy and Freya !
So puppies are in the future hopefully..

My pilgrim geese are growing beautifully!!!
Starting to make 'grown up' noises now... My gander is especially beautiful .. I think his name is good juju ! 
Silkie chickens so far are proving to be almost as low input as pigeons! They eat nothing compared to full size hens!
With far less yummy meat than pigeons, but they bring eggs and good mothering ability to the table ... They are beautiful!
I'm gearing up gardening good mojo here!! I've got my seeds all here.. Prepping beds.. Reading up!!!
So exciting! I have a huge amount of space to plant this year.
My husbands pigs are well and all appear to be settled for spring piglets.
The only thing on the farm that's future is questionable is the goats.. Even though the goats I added back to the farm are lower input feed wise and easier on the fencing , buildings and me! They are still a bit to 'time hogging' for my busy full time farm and farm business ... And they are still ruminants.... Which means more problems than... Say... Poultry! 
Or even gardens ... Because gardens are hard, dirty and super challenging .. But atleast the emotional stress isn't there!
A time hog on the farm is the worst....

What needs to be done... I have some ideas... Hopefully it will all resolved before to long...

Until next time! God bless!

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