Thursday, January 29, 2015

Saying goodbye to goats... Again!

Well ,,,,,here we go again!
I tried to make high bred, high output dairy goats work for many years on our farm... They just were not economical for us on any level....Then I tried to make dairy sheep work ..disaster again!
So I brought in lower input goats with different expectations and goals...
They were actually working out pretty good.. But the thing is... All ruminants take so much time!!!!!
They can really suck the day away from you .... As our farm business grows I need more time to make sure I put out the best products possible from our little farm ...I was behind and constantly out of products last year. Which is not fair to my wonderful , patient customers (thank you!!!!)  
Its a lot,,,,running this farm ....hard as I try, I can't always do it all...
and With expanding the farm gardens I need more time to devote to them also .
As the farm changes and comes closer to our goals .. I'm just not seeing a place for goats... Or any ruminant....
And to be really honest , though I do really love goats and sheep .. I personally find raising them very very stressful for many reasons ,, which zaps the joy out of it!
As for goat milk & sheep milk being a major part of my business .. I have the most wonderful news!!! 
I can turn ducks and eggs magically into fresh milk from a nearby trusted neighbor! 
Because the poultry is something I have grown to really love and enjoy, they don't take as much time as ruminants and I can raise them very economically with our natural resources , I can keep extra birds ... Extra eggs , extra meat =  milk for my business and cheese making!
Which is a wonderful thing! 
I raise what I love and have time for... My neighbor raises what she loves and has time for .. We both get what we need.
It's a wonderful thing! This falls into our subsistence farm model ... Farm product bartering !
I am happy to devote that extra time to my skin care products , gardening , helping my husband more with the guinea hogs (which have become the Swiss Army knife of our farm) 
And that leaves more space to develop the best poultry and waterfowl breeds for our farm
I never knew I would love poultry and waterfowl like I do... And they contribute to the skin care business too.. My egg white facial soap is one of my very best sellers! My egg yolk shampoo bar is an awesome seller too! When I've had time to make it!
Hopefully it won't be as much of an issue now :-)
As usual ... Many many things to be thankful for here!

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