Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Free chocolate & cheap paper towels please!

How I stumbled on couponing...
One Saturday of cooking I flipped the tv on for some background noise.. An old episode of extreme couponing was on.. Fine.. Nothing else is on.. Next thing I know I was starring at the tv, couldn't take my eyes off these obscene savings... True a lot of it was on things I wouldn't want to eat or even feed the dogs .. What really got me was the paper towels, toilet paper... Cleaners!!!! 
And I admit ... Chocolate! 
So I decided to give it a go. I had my doughts it would work... Surely this can't be!
 I googled extreme couponing help and come up with a few step by step websites that led me to printable couponing sites and match ups for stores in my area...
Organizing is the #1 rule in the game... So I was a bit put off right from the beginning.. It's Something I struggle with unless I'm highly motivated ... Well cheap paper towels and chocolate does motivate me more than I had ever imagined ! Lol!

Baby steps.... A list with few deals from a circular and coupons in hand I hit the store .. Pretty sure this wouldn't work!
I bought these things for $4.97!!!!
If I had paid full price ...$18.55!!! What!

It works... It seriously works!
Ofcourse due to super coupon savvy masters most stores and manufacterors have things fixed so you can't clear the shelves and hoard 1,000 tubes of tooth paste . Which is fine with me! 
I also scored on another trip free head bands and pack of 38 diapers for $3!
Even at our local health food grocery store I got 5 full size organic food items and a gallon of milk for just $11!!  Retail was over $30...
Just wow !
Now the other big part of making this work is not buying anything in the store that you do not have a deal & coupon for.. I gotta work on that one!
I can't wait for next weeks couponing project :-) 

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