Sunday, December 7, 2014

Bringing back chickens and Adzuki bean fudge brownies!

So I've come full circle on goats , though in a much different light, with more realistic goals as a small farmer.... And now , back to chickens too!!!
Truth be told I do not need chickens, at all! Depending on the breeds, The ducks are better at meat , eggs & foraging than chickens... most importantly we like their meat & eggs much better.
They are Much More efficient for us..and I find them easier to manage.... BUT,,,
I miss chickens...
miss the cackling when they lay an egg... miss roosters crowing! and watching them scratch around for bugs..
So in an effort to enjoy the things I like about chickens on a tiny level.. cause ducks do rule here, I added Silkie chickens for a few reasons... the number one reason is I always wanted them but read they didn't do well in a mixed flock because they are super docile(chickens are kinda mean to other chickens!some breeds are bullies)... well perfect! I don't have any other chickens and now coming up on almost 5 years of figuring out the homestead I have much better means on managing breeds separately. They are small (easier on the feed bill) ,  non flyers( also making management easier) and they are broody (you can never have to many good mommas!)
so, starting small I bought 5 straight run chicks from a local breeder! Adorable!

Winter has slowed down outside work,,, not so much the cold.. it hasn't been super cold yet,, but its been windy and rainy.. no fun working in wind and mud . Which is fine because I've had a surge in orders for the farm business, Praise God! making Christmas presents and future grandbaby presents!
Oh... and more time to COOK! Until I learned to balance (and sometimes eliminate, ex. high production dairy animals) all the farm chores I had NO time for cooking... here I had all the best ingredients I could imagine.. fresh veggies, homegrown gourmet meats, fresh milk and duck eggs.. but no time or energy for cooking. Another Praise to God for helping me get all that straight... I think The Bald Man (my husband) is quite glad for this balance also.. though he is a great cook himself! No one wants to cook ALL the time when there is so much daily work.
You will want to try these... healthy... yes! healthy Fudge brownies.. made with adzuki beans! I have made plenty of desserts using both black beans and adzuki but adzuki beans are sweeter and don't leave a 'beanie' taste in the brownie at all... esp. if sorghum is used as the sweetener.
I came up with this recipe a few weeks rave reviews from the people that matter most.. the people I'm cooking for!!
GBF Fudgy Adzuki Bean Brownies

1 cup cooked and rinsed adzuki beans
1/2 cup high quality cocoa powder
1/2 cup real sorghum
2 TBSP espresso or strong black coffee
pinch of sea salt
1/2 cup walnuts (or other preferred nuts)
lard for greasing the pan

Preheat oven to 350 F, grease 8 in. square pan.
In food processor or high speed blender combine all ingredients but nuts. 
After batter is well blended and smooth add nuts and pulse until mixed.
Pour into pan, bake approx. 45 min. Cool the brownies. They will be soft and fudgy when cool. You can put the in the refrigerator for a firmer brownie if you like... we like them soft :-)

Now writing this has made me hungry...
Y'all have a blessed evening :-)

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