Sunday, November 9, 2014

And the fall harvest rolls in!

For those of you who really know me.. You know my obsession about the garden has grown over the last 4 years...

It's not enough to have a great summer garden.. I want a four season garden!!!!!
Living in southeast TN lets me achieve this fairly easy really. So many things grow well here . 
It's one of the reasons I have scaled back our livestock profile from high input/high producing dairy goats & sheep to low input heritage goats... Which can still be milked but are way less maintenance. 
Plus I truly believe fall/winter gardening is easier than spring/summer gardening!!! No there's not as much variety ... There's also not as many pests or weeds to deal with!!!!
I am growing garlic, onions, carrots, chard, spinach, lettuce, broccoli , aragula and many kinds of kale , mustards and collards. Some of these will be harvested through out the winter.. Some early spring 
I'm still learning about the best ways to get the most out of my fall/winter garden..
I think the trick to any successful garden is growing the right variety for your area ..  Which is hard sometimes if you don't like what grows in your area !...I don't like chard but I am learning ways to cook it so I will eat it! Chard grows so ridiculously good here for 3 seasons of the year! If I plant it in the right area it will grow year around!
Variety is so important also for taste...and can help you love what will grow...
For example, okra... My Yankee husband hates it... My southern self loves it ...
For 2 years I just grew what was most popular ... A lot went to the goats because I couldn't eat it all! But then I found this amazing tasting heirloom okra that my husband loves and I like better than any other okra I've had!!
So.. As for chard... Ive always grown rainbow which I think tastes like dirt unless in get real creative or totally hide it in quiches! However with a little research and thanks to those who save seeds I think I may have found a chard that doesn't taste like dirt :-) 
Now if it can be productive ....

Until then...praise God & Have a blessed day!

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