Saturday, October 4, 2014

Fall... Time for farmers to take it easy ...

Lol!!!!! Yeah right!
There's no taking it easy here... Every year... Spring and summer I tell myself I'll get more free time when fall gets here ...
What a laugh!
This week along Had been so busy with getting livestock ready for winter.. My husband & son have built me a ton of new raised beds which I have been informed every square inch better be planted!
We had 2 litters of Baby guinea hogs born this fall! 
I still have 17 baby muscovies and 10 other ducklings growing out ...2 king squab have hatched..
Keeping the ram happy has been a challenge to say the lest...
Today alone I cut up 2 lbs of marinated lamb stake for jerky.. Juice 1 gallon of apple cider , planted 240 onion bulbs.. A pound of garlic and made a nice winter squash soup...

And I still haven't done my daily chores ....
Having a healthy body to keep up with all this is a blessing and that glory goes to The Lord ! 
Thanks for the healthy nutrient dense food I am able to grow !
Have a great weekend everyone ... Eat your veggies ... Fried in duck fat Ofcourse ;-) 

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