Sunday, September 14, 2014

Once again,,,there be goats !

The such is over! The long 4 year search for Utility king pigeons.. Is done!
I have 2 proven pair and 5 squabs I'm hoping to get another 2 pair from.

Pigeon has long been in my brain because it's soooo tasty. I was starting to lose hope I would have the chance to raise my own squab plus enjoy the benefits of owning these guys! 
This is a blessing ... 

And I did it... I said never... Never would I ever have goats again.. Dairy goats were just to hard to raise , to rowdy and destructive , to expensive to feed and broke my heart to many times .... Losing my Nubian/sannan Miss Jackson was the last draw...I was done! But....
I now have 1 very myotonic buck and 4 beautiful myotonic does... Aka. Fainting goats !
They will serve the purpose of eating browse and weeds sheep won't eat..and young bucks will be used as a healthy meat source .. As well as leather! I think my body misses the high iron in goat meat honestly! It is a super healthy meat very high in iron,, which I always seem to be low in...and makes the best sausage I've ever had when mixed with our guinea hog ground pork.. Yum, I have missed that!!!
 I owned a small herd of fainters before and I really liked how calm and non destructive they were compared to my dairy goats .. But at the time my main focus was on milk and fast growing meat.. Myotonic are slower growers..said to dress out better and grow on pasture only... And Ofcourse not a dairy animal! Although I did milk my favorite fainter ,, she gave me a quart a day for about 3 months... Not bad for a meat goat ... still not what I was looking for at the can bet one or two of my new girls will probably end up on the milk stand at some point if they have a nice udder and it look milkable!

These guys are exactly what I'm looking for this time around.... More on my does later.. For now enjoy my picture of buck T-pain ... In the rut.... And be thankful you can not smell him!!!!
Y'all have a blessed weekend :-)

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