Monday, July 7, 2014

So you wanna be,,,,

A farmer,,, homesteader,,, more self sufficient ,,,, well get ready to work,,, get dirty,,,sweaty,,, fight ticks, bees and other crawly things !
No romancing the farm life here ,,, I'm to tired lol!
Got up today around 6:30... Had lots of coffee and sheep milk,,, sheep yogurt,, milked the girls, checked to make sure everyone is alive and well,,,by 9 am we drove over to our part of the land that has massive amounts of blackberry brambles,,, picked for an hour,,, got over a gallon! Also picked off 3 ticks, treated multiple torn scratches and some poison oak.,,,
Then,moved my adult sheep and lambs to another area with dogs.... Let out ducks... Gathered eggs from all but a broody girl that hissed at me! 
Got lard and lamb tallow out and started rendering .... Sold Out of soaps again... And this stuff doesn't render itself.... More work than ordering processed oils... but makes way better soap and shampoo bars!! Animal fats are better for the skin ... Esp. Problem or sensitive types . 
The cracklings from the strained lard are a bonus! 
Picked some over grown zucchini and squash.... I didn't check my plants for 3 little days! So they will be shredded and used in breads, cakes and brownies. One little pepper too :-) 
Walked over gardens and checked to see if anything else needs picked ,,, it does ,,, also some things are needing a shot of fertilizer ,,, some need insect control ,,, some are so damaged I need to pull up the plants and plant something else,,, still time in TN to plant late beans and winter squash,,,, if I can find the time!
I have 15 Muscovy duck eggs ready to boil! I have to wait atleast a week to boil these eggs or they are just to hard to peel... I can't wait!
Little pic of my baby Muscovy flock foraging ,,, they are very very good foragers!

All this and it's just past noon,,,,
The rest of the day I will need to strain my fats... Package an order,,, pick a ton of beans and fertilize some droppy plants... 
Feed 50 ducks, 7 rabbits, bring the sheep ( I only have 12 sheep) and dogs back to the main pasture and barn areas  ( my husband feeds the dogs & hogs) 
It's dry this week so some plants may need water,,, fix dinner! ( I'm lucky my husband can cook!)
Praise God for the strength to get through it all,,, ask Him for the strength to  do what needs to be done tomorrow .

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