Thursday, July 10, 2014

More random farm days

Happy to say I've got 3 hats & glove sets done for the farm store ,,, when I'm not to brain fried in the evening that's what I like to do ,,, crochet with my handspun yarns. I make up my own patterns for almost all my fashion items... I thought of doing a small book of my patterns, but they are so horribly written I dont think anyone but me could understand them!
While cooking down blackberries to can I worked on some speciality yarn for an order...
Draining sheep cheese!
Wild blackberry red wine jam! 
Soooo good!
All this, plus I've had a ram with a limp for awhile... It's not foot rot ,,, so confused I searched the internet and after another closer examination I found what the problem is,,, infected scent gland between his toes... Learning everyday! Let the treatment begin. It will not be pleasant ...,,
Random pic of our dogs, sheep and some geese,,,, 

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