Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Garden Greats & Romantic Notions

Harvest is here sooner than I expected... I have a run of provider green beans to can ,,, some dragon tongue beans, tomatoes , peppers and zucchini to eat ! Much more to come as long as i can keep the pests out of the way!
So I am beyond thrilled and highly motivated to tackle the next garden project now that most all main garden mulching is done...
Edging the raised bed section of the main big garden with old low tunnel plastic and torn tarps ,,, then mulching over that! Can I just say praise God for the saw mill and cheap mulch down the road again!  There are 4 raised beds in this part of the garden .
I am truly blessed that my prayers have been answered for the stamina and strength to get these gardens in check this year... A big part of that strength is my husband is home to help this year! Huge blessing! 

High tunnels and a more productive strawberry garden are on the list before fall gets here....
Gonna need more prayers for those projects too. 
Gardening is a huge project. It's so hard... Esp. The way we want to garden!
But it's something I have wanted to be good at for along time .... 
It's worth the work,,, even in the hot humid TN summer weather ... It's a thick humid day .... So I told my husband today , 'while we're working this morning let's just think of the outside today as our own personal sauna' lol!  We often giggle about the romantic notions people have about farming... So our own personal sauna,, yes, complete with dirt, dust, sweat bees and a few annoying biting flys! 
So romantic ! Lol! 
But it's good :-) 
And I am thankful to be able to do it!

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  1. I just found your site. We are in your area and are just starting up our farm.