Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Beautiful day for a harvest

Another busy day on the farm,,,,Morning milking... Here's sweet Annie.. Such a sweet ewe, she's my oldest girl , originally from Karras farm in NC. She is a joy to milk! And I love her fleece!
Time to move the ewe lambs! They love fresh pastures and browse . Friesians are such easy sheep to work with when you have good ones,,,and so pretty to look at,,,
Then is was time to fertilize the garden,,, some of my plants where running out if steam... Then had to shred and freeze the over grown squash from yesterday's harvest,,,
Random pic of one of our ponds. We have duck paradise here ....
While I worked on freezing the squash and some tomatoes the husband picked more blackberries! It's about time to can some red wine blackberry jam!
I had to package up another order from the farm store,, then I had to pick! Last night we got a large bag of dragon tongue green beans for fresh eating and the freezer,,, but this afternoon I  picked more providers ,,, so time to can more beans..maybe tomorrow.... quite a few tomatoes and peppers where ready ,,,, 
I have quite a bit of damage on some of my tomato plants now that I need to address ,,, always something else trying to eat the garden we've spent so many hours to grow,,,,
Late afternoon, I need coffee and to make some sheep cheese!
Then the usual chores.
The husbands got dinner tonight (and most nights) thankfully! Lamb burgers and fresh veggies!

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