Monday, June 23, 2014

Moving right along....

It's hot In TN! Humid... So humid... But the work doesn't stop because it's uncomfortable.  We've been doing lots of garden work and I'm seeing my first green beans forming!  
Things are going really well with the Muscovy reboot and we are enjoying their crazy good eggs everyday now and growing up several extra males for food this fall. 
Took time on a rainy day to get some sheep cheese made... Mexican chilli Cotija! Looks so good in the cave.... Needs 3 weeks to cure.
Got in a fun order from a wonderful lady. She dyes and sells beautiful bamboo and firestar I like to blend with my Friesian wool. Makes awesome yarns!
Tomato plants are loaded!!! This is one if my small garden beds....Amazing what coffee grounds and rabbit manure can do for tomatoes.
More garden work today....and hopefully time to spin a little yarn!
Hope u have a blessed day.

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