Monday, April 21, 2014

Busy & Exciting Spring Time

Well, today is like any other day.... busy. But I wanted to take a some nice pictures of whats been going on between todays activities.... which were, making Sheep Pepper Jack cheese... Sheep milk ricotta , planting my canning tomatoes ..on top of the usual milking the sheep..letting them out to graze... feeding everyone... preparing for dinner (Rabbit Cacciatore) ...making sure everyone is alive!.... now I need to go work out to relieve the stress of the day ... didn't even get to making the soap I'm out of
That can be tomorrow....maybe... I also need to do fecals on the sheep..tis the season starting up for parasites!
But for now... Look at the beautiful Falling Locks yarn made from Odins long Wensleydale locks... 
Shearing was a great time...long day but wow! I've got alot of fleece and locks to sale & work with....

And I'm really learning whats going to work for me and what I like working with the best.... the homestead is an ever changing plan... nothing we started out doing is as we first planned!
Trying what fiber works & what fiber animals I'll have is no different.... I love locks... they are fun!!! But also a bit limiting ... I have went back and forth on whether or not I should make a long wool breed a major part of my farm....
I have come to a decision... another post on that maybe
 Same with the Angoras.... I LOVE the French Angora.. its such a useful beautiful rabbit for meat & fiber..BUT, ...there's always a but isn't there....
Below is a cross from my French Angora Stormy and my EA/FA buck Blueberry... beautiful little rabbit!!!
 Wool from my East Friesian yearling Cinderella... she had an amazing long & crimpy!  for all you out the that think a Friesian doesn't have nice fleece... you need to re-think that and maybe spend some actual time learning about fleece...because it can be really nice stuff!
 no they are not consistent but they do all have very usable fiber... and several of mine have really NICE fiber! That spins like a dream!!! I actually prefer it to alot of wool that was grown on sheep that are supposed to be for fiber.
Ofcourse I picked out girls with nice fiber to begin with because I'm a fiber person and I love the triple purpose approach to these animals... I really only have one girl I picked out based on her udder structure and size alone.. she was to good to be ignored! and will be bred to my best fleeced ram.
 Heres Cinderella spun bulky with 50% angora from my rabbits.... its so nice!
 Milking Oreo... a most wonderful East Friesian sheep... 3 quarts a day at peak... over half a gallon right now and holding! Huge girl... GREAT udder! and even though her fleece is more course... I will be posting some gorgeous art yarns I've made from it! That will be used for nice strong purses and leg warmers!
Hope everyone had a good Easter, got a nice holiday rest and had time to reflect on the reason for the holiday...the Savior King !!
Happy Days!
and many blessings...

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