Thursday, December 26, 2013

Pink Tree, Yarn sales and More French Angoras

Hope everyone had a blessed and happy Christmas! We are so thankful to be here and thankful for the Savior... you know, the 'reason for the season'!
Been so busy here... getting some new bunnies settled.. finishing presents..mailing out fleece to new customers and making some yarns!

One of the latest yarns I've made for a custom order was from Cotswold curls...pictured dirty white here...
 and lockspun and all muli-color dyed here! and ready to ship! Turned out so so pretty :-)  kinda proud of this lot! I could spin locks all day!
 AND!! I have added 2 new bunnies to the farm... a new French buck.. and this girl below here... she's a blue seal..her name is Stormy. And she is a sweetheart!
 I've had this girl a little while.. this is Bikerchick... she's relaxing on the couch after I 'plucked' her lovely fiber..shes a big girl... but gentle and so sweet.
I love the temperament of the French Angoras I have... the husband raises NZW,, they are not mean.. but no where near as calm...they certainly wouldn't stand for sitting in my lap for an hour!

and some Christmas cheer.. yes, I have a barbie pink tree!!!

 Topped with an angel that my mom made for me years... and I mean years ago! She still looks brand new though.
So the fiber part of the homestead continues to grow... my sheep fleeces are looking huge.. so are the Alpacas! the bunnies have all been clipped or plucked down so now I need to get to spinning it...

on the wheel currently is some sooth as silk Suri Alpaca! how I love to spin suri! another fiber I could spin all day....
and do :-)
working on adding my own suri boys to the farm!

Hope everyone has a blessed week,,, and has a blessed new year.
Can you believe ... 2014!
and I'm to be 40 in Jan....  wow! and how weird to think of that!

Blessings :-)

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