Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Fiber Fun

Well can you believe its almost Christmas... I can't.... 
and I'm crocheting & spinning like crazy trying to get things made... on top of the surge or orders for Goat milk soap and skin care... and trying to get our new website ready!!

But its been fun... this is Mr. Blueberry... how adorable, I know... I love Blue animals!! He's still a baby but I am looking forward to harvesting his wool and making some beautiful angora yarn! 
Angora is one of my favorite fibers!!! Even before I was a spinner.. I loved anything made from angora! I could just rarely afford it!

Mr. Blueberry
 In the barn 'modeling' some Fingerless gloves I crocheted from my East Friesian wool... dyed with food grade dye :-) this picture doesn't do the gloves justice... and you can't see the sparkle from the angelina in them either!
I have a few pairs of these I really need to get listed in the store... Its so hard because I want to keep everything! lol!!
Does anyone else have this problem with things they make to sell... then they don't want to sell them...
 My Southdown Babydolls... I adore them... and their fiber... love love their springy fiber!!  I just made my first BD yarn.. its wonderful!!
I got a facebook message today asking me about some goats I had bought... I told her ofcourse I sold them all in favor of the sheep... got me thinking about how much more peaceful my barn yard (life!) is since the goats left,,, its really good...
H-Dog upfront, in the back drinking water , Truffle, little dirty white girl peeking behind H-dog is Princess Twinkle
 Heres some yarns I've spun in the last couple of months... this first pic is actually yarns I plan to put up for sale.. maybe ;-)
Left to right: Cotswold art yarn, Cotswold Tailspun art yarn, Shetland & Bamboo, Romedale Sparkle art yarn, East Friesian, Suri Alpaca & Angora, Border Leicester tailspun art yarn 
 Some yarns I have plans for....
Letf to right: Shetland & Bamboo, East Friesian, Alpaca & East Friesian, Shetland & Firestar, Cotswold & Firestar, Cormo, Tunis & silk threads art yarn
 Some yarns I spun for my first Grandbabys baby blanket...
Alpaca & Firestar, Shetland &Bamboo, Romeldale , Angora & angelina, Shetland & Bamboo
There are more... several more... but thats all I have pics of for now.

I can spin alot faster than I crochet so I really do need to get some more up for sale.

Well back to work... the spinning wheel is loaded with some Romeldale & silk..yummy fibers!
and the crochet hook is ready for the next Christmas present!

Many Blessings!
Till next time....


  1. Your yarns are beautiful! Well done. I have to admit that angora is one of my favorite fibers too.

    I hope you're having a lovely and blessed Christmas.

    1. Thanks! Hope your Christmas was also blessed..and the year to come :-)