Friday, November 15, 2013

New yarns, art batts for spinning, messenger bags &.. Alpacas!

I have finally got around to getting an etsy store up and running and adding my handspun yarns & art batts 
I plan to add them to my regular store to,,, but its getting ready to go through a major re-do! So etsy for now :-)

Alpaca/East Friesian handspun yarn

I'm pretty proud of this one!

A Border Leicester/Lincoln art yarn

East Friesian art yarn
 Making spinning batts is so fun to me... its hard to let any go... but I can't spin as many as I like to make!!!
Plus I need to make some money back to pay for the animals food !
East Friesian/Bamboo/angelina fibers batt

East Friesian/bamboo/angelina fibers batt
 I also have got 2 messenger bags made from the animals feed bags... I've sold quite a few of these.. they are so cute!

Along with spinning, making batts and dyeing fiber.... I have added 3 Alpacas for fiber to the farm... I LOVE alpaca yarn!
Also added 2 French Angora rabbits.... I really love angora yarn!!
and a few more sheepies... I'll introduce everyone properly soon :-)

Have a Blessed & wonderful weekend!

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