Saturday, October 5, 2013

Puppies!!! and a Night out!

Been really busy here! Fall is in full swing is warm but pleasant.. I hope its a long fall.... leaves are just now starting to turn a bit... thanks to all the rain my sheep & other grass eaters (geese, ducks and hogs) are still getting to enjoy some pasture. I am hoping for some snow this year too!! 
I've filled my days with spinning, dyeing and washing fiber along with all the livestock care lately... my sewing room could be worked in but I've been totally focused on fiber... planning to get in there soon.. I have a couple of machines to sell as well as other stuff I need to go through... And some great ideals for my embroidery machine..with alot of cloths I really want to refashion from thrift stores... I miss using that machine! And its almost time to start thinking about Christmas presents.. when you make presents you have to think about it very early! Also take note out there for those of you who are my customers I will be having an early sale and gift sets available :-) with introductory prices on Sheep milk sets. yay! starting soon!

Here is an adorable pic of our rock star LGD Annabelles puppies! 2 boys 2 girls! Only one left!!
I should mention we are greedily keeping 2 for us! Good lgds don't come around often.. esp, ones that have 2 parents good with poultry!
Meanwhile all the piglets have been sold and a waiting list has been started for our next litter!
 With all thats been going on we are trying to make more of an effort to get out and have fun more often... homesteading and running a home based business is  very hard and stressful at times... rewarding but hard..
There are NO vacations....So getting out for a day trip or evening is stress relief in a way...which to us could mean fiber farm visits... eating at one of the few restaurants we like (theres like 3... its hard to eat out when you grow most all your food... esp, meats!)
Or going to a comedy club... which is why I"m all 'gussied up' in the pic... wrapped in a handspun shawl spun and knitted by my mom :-)
I like the look of our land behind me... you can kinda see one of the Bald Mans ponds on the left...

Need to get back to the wheel... and check on my husband. He's tanning 3 hides today! His first hide has turned out awesome! I need to stock up on leather needles ... cause it looks like I may have home grown leather to work with in the future... makes me really happy!!! Not only because I like leather, but because its all part of that 'use as much of the animal as possible' we like to do here.
Nothing goes to waste...

Have a Blessed Weekend!

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