Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Fall is almost here...

Fall is right around the corner,,
It has to be!! My gardens need cleaned out so bad... only one is cleaned and planted for fall so far. I still really want to plant one bed with garlic and try some fava beans too!
Meanwhile, reducing my goat herd tremendously has reduced my work load. 

 And I've had more time for fiber fun!  lots of learning about sheep & their fleeces.

Below is some East Friesian Fleece I just washed... it was filthy! But washed out all clean and fluffy! This was my first time washing fleece and I'm pretty happy with the results. It wasn't hard at all. I actually liked watching it go from a scary filthy mess to the soft clean fluff it is now!
I'll know more if I can ever get around to carding and spinning it! Its so nice and 'springy'!
 Here is the first yarn I spun!!! a blend of dyed wools, natural Lincoln & Cotswold from a local TN farm... This crazy looking first yarn (my "art yarn") is now a pretty fabulous handbag... pic of it later :-)
 Here is an awesome ball of yarn my mom processed and spun for me... from MY own sheep!!! Still haven't decided what to make of it... probably some fingerless gloves. I adore fingerless gloves and never have enough..
This is really pink...

And above more cheese from some sheep milk I had thawed out... Sheep milk really does not lose it quality at all when its frozen... quite amazing! It tastes great even after being frozen, no separation or anything!
I also made yogurt ... sheep milk yogurt has ruined & spoiled me so bad I now can not eat any other yogurt!
Its like eating your own homegrown pork... then trying to buy some at the grocery store.. does not work!
I also took some cheddar out of the cheese cave... it was a goat/sheep blend... to good to talk about!

My EF ewes better get ready to be milked next year! and give up lots of beautiful fleece for yarns!

Love my sheep...

This week we are going to a sheep show!!! I'm so excited! There are so many breeds of sheep and I would love to add a couple of different breed ewes to my small flock for some variety of fleece,,, so going to this show and the fiber festivals this fall will help me decide which one to add.

Have a blessed week!

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  1. The yarns are pretty! It must be such a nice feeling to be able to make your own completely home-grown supplies for that, too. :)