Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Fall babies, projects and harvests!

What a lovely time of year... the temps have cooler here... things are busy but not to crazy... babies are exploding everywhere! My hen Buff hatched out 5 baby chicks... my d'uccle hen Bubbles (meanest chicken ever!) hatched out 2 keets... Our star LGD Annabelle had much needed puppies (whoo hoo!)and our American Guinea sow Phebe had piglets!!!!!!
She had 7, one died, she laid on her :-( but the others are thriving and growing so fast!!!! Here they are a couple of days old.... cutest baby animals!
Phebe and her piglets
 Our wonderful Guinea flock hatched out over 20 keets! They are incredible mothers! This batch of keets already flies, forages... best batch of keets we've had! Looking forward to them growing up. They provide the best tick control... without them, we and out livestock would have a very bad summer...
Guinea hen and a few of her keets!
 My herb garden... almost 3 years in the works... its a hot mess this fall. So time to clean it up! Laying newspapers then mulching... works better than anything else we've tired in the battle of the weeds here!
Fall herb garden project
See how pretty its gonna look... and see what a mess I have left to deal with! I work for an hour a day till its done..
alot of work to go....
 My spinning wheel has been busy... anytime I come in for water I hit the wheel for just a little bit!
and I have made quite abit of yarn :-)  I bought my wheel in Gatlinburg, TN at the Spinnery.... which was the best thing because she let me try any wheel in the store! Made choosing a much better process... and I got the right one! I was in there for about 2 1/2 hours, trying wheels, different fibers...... the people at the Spinnery are very nice, patient people!
My spinning wheel!!!!! Ashford Joy! 

I Love the fiber below... and the yarn it is now.. I tried going for a thicker yarn... like a sport weight...
Wool & Seacell blend.. Thanks Mom!
It spun up easily and beautiful! Now I need to find a crochet project for it... its very soft!
Made beautiful yarn!

Romedale samples from Wild Hair Fiber in Crossville.... I loved spinning the Romeldale... spun up fine and thin...and pretty easily... next to the skin soft...I am hoping to buy about 12 oz. of this to spin.

Romedale samples... a Romeldale ewe may have a future here :-)
My moms friend Marilyn has the biggest fig tree in TN! I have been lucky enough to get figs from her this year and I am so grateful! I really love figs... I made Italian fig cookies... a delicious Fig Pie and canned Red Wine Fig compote.... and ate figs til I thought I was gonna blow up! 
It was great! Looking forward to opening that first jar of Fig compote this winter :-)
Figs explode at my mother friend Marilyns!!! Thank You Marilyn!!!!
 And MUSCADINES! Oh! my goodness! could there be more muscadines this year... my moms vines are exploding... and even some of the Bald Mans young vines are loaded!
I froze 4 gallons to make wine this winter and canned some muscadine juice... and ofcourse ate a ton ;-) They are soooo good...
Muscadine juice

2 Muscovy Males
 Muscovy ducks are one of the favorites on our place... so beautiful.. so quite..I love the little whisper noises they make... watching them fly in to land on the pond is a nice site! Hope to add more this fall or next spring. They are a great bird for the homestead...

The boys... where the girls at?????
My boys... getting ready for breeding season! Head butts and trash talking... thats what the rut is all about!

Its gonna be a Blessed day...

Have a Great One!

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