Friday, September 20, 2013

Crochet Techniques and Projects

Well, in between canning processing times..and watching boring movies that The Bald Man rents from red box I've been getting quite a bit crocheting done along with spinning...
Here's just one part of a "winter wonderland" set I'm crocheting out of this nice handspun Jacobs yarn my mother spun. The set is fingerless gloves, a cute winter hat and purse... loving it and I'll take pics of it when ever its all done... I know... winter wonderland set in TN???
But even when it gets down to 40 or 50 degrees here I'm cold! and bundle up! 
so, the need for winter wonderland sets... I have another set I'm working on from handspun East Friesian wool, Cormo and Romeldale!! Its a set scarf, headband so far... maybe more gloves.. I adore fingerless gloves! Making and wearing! Since we have mild winters (usually) I can get away with fingerless gloves... I'm sure if I lived up North I would have to rethink the whole fingerless thing!
Handspun Jacobs yarn, one strand natural brown, one strand dyed with indigo
 New techniques!!! well, kinda,,, before we moved to the farm I had played around with Tunisian and hairpin crochet alittle... I bought a couple of new books on the techniques and have been playing around with them...Here's several different Tunisian stitches  ...

 I like Tunisian crochet... it does look alot like knitting... which is cool for a different look on some things I like to make.. and I hate knitting... so I can get the look without having to knit (ick!)

Below is some hairpin crochet ... I love the look of hairpin crocheted things!!! Its a technique I would really like to get good at... someday :-)

Also in the works ... a new sweater! which will be done.... well, at some point!
Its my own pattern so it will take awhile... I'm using a commercial yarn I had in my stash but also incorporating some handspun from my Friesian sheep... 
I've made up scarf & glove patterns before but never a sweater! Its a lightweight short sleeve sweater... doesn't make it any easier though!

Ok,,, blackberries all canned and sealed.. yay! Time for the Bald Man to cook up some lamb chops :-)

Have a Great weekend!!!!

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