Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Its a HOT HOT Mess on the Homestead!

Is it ever hot &  HUMID here in Tennessee these last few weeks! Just yuk!  
Thankfully I've had plenty to keep me busy on the inside! Like lots of orders (Thank You Customers!!!!) and my Sewing room/Crazy Goat Lady room becoming 2 different rooms! I am so so Thankful for that!
 Its been alot of work to move ALL my sewing machines and fabrics, etc. to the new 'sewing/office building' but I know its going to be great once its all in order.
The Crazy Goat Lady/sewing room getting all cleaned out!
 The sewing building is actually a building my husband (The Bald Man) bought for his 'office' and then offered me half of it because my Crazy Goat Lady skin care business has taking over my current sewing room,,, which leaves me NO space to sew! Of course my 'half' has become more like my 3/4 and his corner office! Bless his heart!
To much stuff for a small space makes me un-organized!
 The Crazy Goat Lady business stuff takes alot of space... storage for bottle and jars.. oils and butters... products... labels... and of course dried herbs I use for the infusions also!
Working on organizing bottle/jar storage and herb closet... this used to be the fabric closet
 Being unorganized and crowded makes me crazy!!!
Below is a pic of the HOT HOT mess that is to be my new sewing space!!!
Its coming together now and doesn't look as bad as it does in this pic I took last week!
I'm so so excited to have a new sewing space AND a room all for my goat milk skin care business!!

Also keeping me busy inside is Spinning!!! My mom brought over her spinning wheel and I am loving it like crazy... must have a spinning wheel now!
With having fleece and getting into fiber arts.. already loving yarn and crocheting... I will probably need a "fiber studio" someday soon... Oh, won't the Bald Man be thrilled to hear that! lol!!!

I'll post more on my spinning project later... its really really been wonderful and so much fun. My first spool is wonky... second looks way better! oh well.. more later!  ;-)
And more on the yarn my mom spun from MY OWN SHEEP!! Its ready to crochet into something fabulous! But what I can't decide!

Have a very very blessed day y'all!

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