Saturday, August 3, 2013

Fiber , Crochet & my Naked Sheep

Naked Sheep, Bo Peep, Curds & Chablis
Yep, the girls have been stripped of their woolie coats! I was panicked about finding some one to shear them but thankfully my mothers friend Barb, whos had sheep & been shearing for years was available to come and shear for me. She was great and did a great job!! and I learned alot.. hoping to someday be able to shear them myself. 

So I was left with a big pile of East Friesian super soft wool from my big ewe lambs...
Which my mother washed, carded, dyed and added some cream colored bamboo fibers to create the cotton candy you see below!!! I am anxiously waiting for her to spin it into yarn!! 
I would try myself but since I've only tried spinning one time I would rather her do it... seeing as how its the first fleece from my girls I want it to actually look nice!
Fiber from my own sheep!!
 Now this pile of fluff below is from an East Friesian fleece I got from the sheep dairy I bought my girls from. I have ALOT of fleeces from them... The Bald Man bought me a giant bag of them! Dirty and not skirted they are alot of work,, but I'm happy with the first one I trimmed and picked through :-)
I'm going to try washing it and processing it some myself... maybe try spinning it too!
East Friesian fleece from a local sheep dairy

This little shrug was crocheted from fiber my mom spun up! I love it! I also made a belt and a winter cap... its a silk blend... can't remember what blend exactly, but its really nice!
I am a future fiber junkie... I can feel it!

Its just to fun!!! Plus will give me some extra nice yarns to crochet!!

Y'all have a Great Weekend...

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  1. That is Awesome. . Congrats on the first fleece from your girls.