Friday, July 5, 2013

Rain , Rain.... and really, more rain!

 I can NOT believe the rain we are getting! Its just insane! and my garden, for the most part really is starting to suffer ... all the rain, not enough sunshine is really really just bringing everything down...
But whats doing well... Cucumbers!!! and its pickle making time! I am on my last 2 jars of home canned pickles from 2010. So it was time to plant cucumbers and replinish the pantry this summer. I planted a new varity. They are supossed to be white... but they are more like yellow... they are very prolific!!!
Cleaning and slicing
 I like my pickles to set in pickling lime over night... makes them extra crisp!

Set in lime over nite

Beauitful and ready for the pantry
Also trying some pickled garlic... my garlic did great!!! It was planted last fall and harvested this June... before the monsoons hit! I will be planting an unreal amount of garlic this fall! Very pleased with it.

So my green beans & squash blossoms are molding... tomatos & peppers won't rippen... I'll look for a local farmer to try and buy those in bulk from if it keeps up so I can do some canning for the winter... Maybe I can find someone better at gardening than me! Shouldn't be hard to do!!!

Gardening and goats are SO hard to raise! Really makes me appreciate the pigs & poultry! I've not had the dairy sheep long enough to know how they will be! Many people say they are hard to raise too.. unless its those hair sheep... which I do have a cross so I can compare her to the purebred.

But the Bald Mans corn looks good... okra looks promising at this point... sweet taters are spreading well...
and well,,,,there's plenty to pickle!
Gotta look at the bright side... there will possibly be lots of fried pickles ate here next winter!

Y'all have a great weekend... try to stay dry if you're in the southeast!!!


  1. Despite the rain...your garden is producing, which is good. However, I have never heard of fried pickles.

  2. Let me tell you Sheila, you are missing out if you've not had fried pickles! breaded , deep fried and dipped in a nice ranch dressing... they are so good!