Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I'm just gonna say it...l love Lard!

Lard is amazing! I promise you, its true.... nothing makes a better pie crust or biscuit and nothing fries better (yes I said fries! as in fried food!)
Fresh Rendered Snow White Lard

Now I'm not talking about that crappy fake, what the heck is this grocery store stuff now a days... which is the same crap mexican restuarants use as lard in their re-fried beans and other fried foods thats really heavy and leaves your mouth coated in something.... you can't... quite place... you just know its not good...yuk!

I mean the pure stuff...snow white and oderless... rendered slowly by hand, from a healthy homegrown lard hog.... fed veggies & milk from hand milked natural fed goats... maybe some whey from home made cheese... and access to pasture everyday where they can graze... yes I said graze! Our hogs eat grass... and really really like it too!

The hog is after all an ominivore... its eats pretty much anything and everything... which makes it a pretty easy animal to raise on a homestead. It can also be a cheap animal to raise if you feed it nasty chicken litter and other discusting things like commerical hog farms do.. the hog will still grow to slaughter weight quickly. It will grow on just about anything...

We do not do that here ofcourse, we perfer our animals to be raised on a healthy nutritional diet... that way they give us healthy more nutritional meats... and fats! Thats why we homestead in the first place... healthier food... healthier lifestyle all around!

But this post is not about how lard is actually better for the body than most of whats being used as oils in todays modern commercial cooking and baking.... you can find that info all over the interenet and in the book the following quote is taken from:

 "The prime example of fats we all thought were bad for us, lard and schmaltz (rendered chicken, pork, or goose fat) may have been wrongly demonized for years. The main fat in lard—oleic acid—is a monounsaturated fat linked to decreased risk of depression says Drew Ramsey, MD, coauthor of The Happiness Diet (Rodale, 2010). Those same monounsaturated fats, which make up 45 percent of the fat in lard, are responsible for lowering LDL levels while leaving HDL ("good") cholesterol levels alone. Lard and schmaltz also tolerate high cooking temperatures—they're often recommended for frying—and have long shelf lives."

And I won't say its better than Olive oil for you ... though I might ask , are you sure you are using real Olive Oil to begin with? seems like maybe theres alot of countries that produce evoo but keep the good stuff for themselves... shipping the not so good and down right fake stuff to the Americans who don't know any better??
Is your Olive Oil real?

This post is actually about why soaps made with lard are really really good for your skin... and maybe for the enviroment in the long run.... win/win??
You can be the judge... and with any order I will send you a free sample bar of my goat milk soap... made with my own pure homegrown lard! I call them Farm Bars... just request a bar when you order.

Just a few reasons I love my soaps made with lard:
 Lard actually benefits the skin because it is mild, moisturizing, and conditions very well.
People wrongly assume that lard soap will clog pores and damage the skin. This is not true.
Most consumers associate lard and other animal fats with store bought commercial soaps that incorporate skin damaging chemicals. They don't realize that it's the synthetics damaging the skin, not the lard.

It is makes my soaps so mild!!! Even milder than they already are with the goat milk. Adding a small percentage of lard can really boost the conditioning value of the bar.

Its an all around all skin type bar thats made with lard... if you're dry it will condition your skin, not dry it out  like some vegetable oils will. If you have oily skin it will not make your skin worse like some veggie oils can do . If you're sensative, as I said before,,, its such a mild bar! many many different types of people have tried lard soap and really love it... because it helps their skin feel good.

It makes a creamier bar with a very luxurious feel when lathered up. Its actually used in alot of luxury skin care products because of it mild nature and conditioning... they just don't say lard on the label... they use other big fancy words! You know how big companies roll ;-) its all about label appeal,,, not telling you whats really in the product! (remember the eye cream everyone raved about with horse piss in it!!a fancy big word was used in place of horse piss ofcourse! lol!!! I'll pass on that one!)

So I love it for its effects & benefits to the skin..
Need a second opinion... there are plenty, just google it.. here's an article from a lady who talks about how it was the only thing that helped her extra sensative skin condition.
Northwest Edible article on how lard helped her skin

And the enviroment thing:
In a country of meat eaters, don't you think its wrong not to use as much of the animal as possible? Esp, when animal fats (lard and tallows) are just as good or better than the exotic oils shipped in from all over the world, that may be the result of unethical practice (like the palm oil controversy)
Imo (and many others), animal oils & fats are the most natural thing you can do in soap making. It prevents waste, has many benefits , its a 'greener bar'!!!
One of my very best selling lotions is my Eczema Relief lotion... because it works for alot of people... and guess what! Its made with emu oil.... emu fat! rendered and strained! and perfect for sensitive , allergy prone skin! That emu was raised for its meat and its feathers anyways... wouldn't it be a shame to waste such a benefical fat that can help so many people with their skin problems?
Its the same thing with our pigs... these animals feed our family... and they have a very very useful fat that can be helpful to many people... its clean, healthy, available and havesting the pigs didn't destroy a rain forest! (again the palm oil thing, read about that here Palm Oil controversy)
I understand those who are vegetarians or vegans not wanting to use animal products... but do not confuse vegan & vegetarian with "green"... its not one in the same.
And I'm not saying we shouldn't ever use palm oil, some of my soaps have palm oil. I'm just saying why use so much palm oil when we have an incrediable resource of clean animal fats in the country from small farms and homesteads. And animal fats are WAY more conditioning to the skin than palm oil anyways!

There are, of course, other types of animal fats/oils. Using tallows (from beef , lamb or deer) will produce a harder bar that lathers better while using lard for soap making will produce a softer bar with nicer conditioning properties. Just remember that lard and tallow usually needs to be rendered before it can be used to make soap! So its quite a bit more work for the soap maker but its worth it to me. I've used the animal to its fullest and I've made a great benefical product!

Hogs resting after 'pigging out' on mixed grains and goat milk in their sleeping area

Bonus of rendering lard.. Cracklins'!!! just a few added to cornbread take it to the next level ;-)

Just my point of view on the whole thing. Waste not want not... what happened to that saying???

Y'all have a good week!

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  1. Amen! I totally agree, lard is not the enemy, especially in pie crust (yum).