Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Humidity and indoor projects!

The sunshine has come thru! and the humidity is through the roof!!!
A beautiful day
Which means even though its not raining I want nothing to do with the outdoors after the sun comes up!
My poor goats don't like it either,,, nor do the sheep or chickens... the pigs are good with it as long as they can get in the pond.. and ofcourse the waterfowl don't mind all that much either!
So in between making lotions and soaps I have pulled out some crochet projects to work on...
Afghan I've been working on forever
I love love pink!! I am such a pink girl! I've been working on these afghan squares for years... I'll make a couple of squares then move on to something else... I really need to finish it. I think it would be beautiful at the foot of my bed.
And my scarf obsession.... I love to make scarves. I have so many scarves its crazy! Esp. considering I am in TN and our winters are fairly mild and short! But I can't help it... I love to make them ,,, I do need to make some that are 'fashion-y' and thin..  That way I could get more wear out of them.
I think I may list some and try to sell them this holiday season in my store and on etsy since I can't stop making them... wonder if they would sell??
Scarf obsession
 I am planning to start a couple of other crochet projects... crochet is so fun! Would love to make a couple of light weight sweaters.. I made some heavy sweaters a couple of years ago but it never gets cold enough to wear them here.
and fingerless gloves... need more of those! They are perfect.
and socks! I've only crochet one pair of socks and they were easy. I may try a more challenging pattern next time.
Hopefully someday I'll be crocheting with my own homegrown fleece/yarns from my little dairy sheep girls! 
Love the whole sheep to scarf thing! Fits in with all we do here on our farm :)

Hope everyone has a lovely blessed day!


  1. Looks like you've been keeping busy! And that's great that you've been kepeing up with the crocheting--just out of curiosity, are you still sewing at all?

    Maybe you should plant some good dye plants somewhere on the farm, so you can dye your home-grown wool! :)

  2. I haven't sewed anything for myself in a long while!! I've re-fashioned jeans and stuff... and I've sewed handbags (from re-purposed feed bags) for the business I started... so still some sewing,, just no where near the level I used to... and honestly I don't know what I'd make for myself anyways!! The goats don't notice if I have a new top or not lol! I mostly live in jeans and t-shirts... not very exciting for fashion on a farm ;-) so I never wear out my 'good going out' clothes... just a different lifestyle than I used to have... more like the one I grew up with!