Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Little Victories... and Big

My last couple of posts might have been alittle bit down.. its been a challenging year... but this is a happy post.. Now notice the plate of food here... it ain't the prettiest plate of food. But it was very tasty and everything on this plate was grown right here on this farm!! The Dragon Tongue beans, the onions, garlic and lard they were cooked in (yes I said lard! from our own piggies!) the crustless quiche is homegrown chicken eggs, fresh chevre goat cheese I made, swiss chard & again the onions, garlic... and even the herbs All grown here.. ok, I didn't grow the salt The Bald Man poured on... but everything else.. all products of the farm right here!!! So thats my little victory this week!
The beans are really coming in! and so are the cukes! I can't wait to make pickles! I'm down to my last few jars so hoping to stock up this summer. Goat burgers with homemade pickles... the perfect summer meal. I picked so many this morning it shouldn't be a problem.
Draining goat cheese, fresh cukes & beans!

 Here's 2 of my wonderful milkers... such well behaved good girls! They and the other girls produce so much milk for us.
 Goats in the garden! This raised bed has been harvested out for the spring! and all the rain has quickly grown up a ton of weeds I did not want to pull up.. so I thought I'd bring in to of my best eaters to work for me. Now this looks like a good ideal... it was a good ideal! To bad the girls quickly grew bored of what was in the bed and wanted to go else where to eat! Thats goats,,, grass is always greener... so I ended up pulling weeds and working on my farmers tan! So,blah! no victory here!
Ofcourse the greatest Victory is Victory in Jesus ...

Y'all have a good week now  :-)

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