Monday, June 24, 2013

Bitter Sweet Farm Life

Alpine are Boss here!
I do love my goats... all of them. Its sad when I have to cut some of them.

I made the decision... a decision that was LONG over due to sell my Nigerian herd... I had alot of plans for that little herd. As the farm changed and the need for larger goats became greater, the Nigerians became a burden instead of a blessing.
I hate to say that but its true. I only have so much time in a day... between the big milkers that are important for cheese making and feeding our hogs and the duel purpose breeding program goats that I hope one day will be the only herd we have to have that fills all our needs.. the Nigerians and the Lamanchas just didn't fit.
The Lamancha is a nice breed I had planned to use in my breeding program... but those little ears freak people out , so I decided I shouldn't use them after all, therefore they did not get to stay. That made me sad, because I had some really really good ones! But if they don't fit.. they can't stay.
The Nigerians are little and cute,,, though can be naughty and rowdy! I had many plans to build a herd of incrediable little milkers, we bought the best lines for milking traveling very far for some of them...
But they were not meant to be for us.... and honestly I got kinda tired of managing them. They are harder to manage than big girls... for me anyways!

I feel like I'm being lead in a different direction also... more on that in another post!
Future of the farm?
 So I am sad to see the Lamanchas and nigerians go (some of the nigerians anyways, cause like I said they can be rowdy!)
But very very excited to see what the future will bring for us! Its almost time to start figuring out breeding plans for fall and my new project...
the new project... so exciting and scary!
Another post, I promise! lol!!!

God Bless and have a very Great Day!

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