Sunday, June 30, 2013

And everything falls into place....

So alot of changes going on here... my goat herd has been cut in half to make room for the primary goats that are the most useful to the homestead... no more novel cute little goats... all the girls here work :-)  they just happen to be super cute too!
And speaking of work,,, our catfish are having to work at feeding time more since the ducks have decided that the catfish food is yummy! We don't really need to feed the catfish, they are HUGE! Buts its a good show!
Catfish Pond at Gods Blessing Farm
NEW Products!!! New Body scrubs!! I've been working on the perfect body scrub formula for over a year now! This is it! its available in my store now in any scent I have available.
Also,  a new lotion and scrub scent... Summer Lovin'...  also working on a goat milk liquid soap to go with this body care set!
And 2 new goat milk soap scents in the Farm Fresh Essentials line I've been working on... this is a very 'green line' of products... more on them later... I want to develop the lotion to go with the soaps before I make it available in the store.
You see I'm not getting any of these 'recipes' for my products out of a book somewhere. I formulate them myself... so sometimes it takes me a while... they are worth the wait though ;-)
Sweet Addiction Body Scrub

Curds learning the ropes young!
I have added Sheep to the farm!!! Which, I can't even believe I have them! I have good things in store for these girls and the milk they will produce! I have 2, with plans to add one more... and ofcourse we had to get a ram to.. he's interesting!
More on the sheep later as they settle in on the homestead better.

Hope you're having a happy Sunday and enjoying the beautiful day we've been blessed with!

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