Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A reminder...

What a year this has been already... so challenging and hard... not without out its rewards ... my husband , the Bald Man, has to remind me though! I often think... why I am doing all this... I had such an easy life of fun and care free days before.... so this post is a reminder for me... fresh foods and beautiful baby goats.... yes, thats some of the reasons I do this  :-)
a yummy basket of veggies & herbs for the goats

Cabbage and onions doing well!!!
Finally getting to harvest a few things from my spring garden... that was so slow growing thanks to the long winter we had! But I've been getting lots of lettuce, collards, chard, herbs... and even some extra for the goats. I'm really wanting tomatos and fresh green beans!

 This is my boy! He will be kept for breeding this season. He's a first generation Homestead goat for us! His mother is an excellent milker and one of the easiest to milk on the farm! We are retaining 2 first generation bucks and 1 second generation buck for our breeding program this year... so far he's the star of the 3... pictured at just 5 weeks here... he is huge and filling out more and more everyday. My 2nd generation buck is only 3 weeks old though... and bigger everyday... so we will see who weighs in at 8 weeks!

 I love this baby girl! Her dam and sire both fill the 'requirements' of the duel purpose cross we like.. makes her a 2nd generation doeling for our program... she's putting on weight as fast as her brother! She is 2 weeks in this pic.
This girl.... what is she a cross of ?? you'd never believe me if I told you... she is 5 weeks in this pic... bigger than all my pure dairy girls that are a month older than her and she's still filling out. Her brother is beautiful too and being kept for breeding because his mother was my very best doe and very favorite doe.
I love all my goats... but my crosses that will hopefully fill our duel purpose needs are extra special!

So I have alot to look forward too.... and I know I'm blessed and I'm also very thankful.

Its just so hard homesteading in Tennessee! or anywhere I think.... but I love it... just every now and then I have to look at pics.. take a moment and watch the girls play on their new 'goat play ground'

and every now and then... I just need a nice glass of wine in the evening!!! and remember..
"tomorrow is another day"  full of wonderful things....


God is good to me.... I don't know why, but He is.


  1. I'm so curious to know what cross that doeling is!! Come on, please tell! :)

    1. nope... I might tell when she freshens :)