Saturday, May 11, 2013

A day in the life of a Tennessee Homesteader

Everyday is a challenge and an adventure... sometimes good... sometimes bad...
It has been a rough spring! For gardening and for my darling goats! No only did I loose Miss Jackson (last post) I had 2 girls come down with what seemed to be pneumonia! One of those sweeties is pictured here... she's a new girl I brought in from a dairy in middle TN. Pure bred Nubian. This is Ingrid... lots of herbs, vitamins and prayer... she pulled through! Still haven't got her production back up to what is was... and she had lost some weight,, but its coming back up and so is her weight! I am thankful her and Mabel are ok..

I need all their lovely milk for my new cheese making adventures this year!! and also to fatten up our piggies! We are out of bacon!!! and once you've raised a lard hog breed for the freezer theres no buying store bacon again... that would be sad
Sweet Ingrid!

I also added another lgd... since Sammy has been doing so well (he's 1 yr starting to guard) I decided I better add another female that will take Margees place... Margee is very old and starting to be slower and slower. She's good company for our new LGD.. Freya. I have caught her 2 times chasing the birds though... punishment is not good here for such things.. I love my birds, they are expensive to raise and provide much food! Hopefully she'll grow out of this puppy phase of chase.

 Gardens are started.... not in full swing by a long shot though... I am late on everything! The rain has backed up alot of planting... so has caring for the sick goats I"ve had this spring. Hopefully that is all behind  now... I want my whole garden in and growing! At lest I'm able to harvest herbs and lettuces now...
 To be planted this weekend!!!  I HOPE!!!
 New editions! My girl Nadia (Boer cross) gave me 2 beautiful kids this week. A buckling and doeling, I was hoping for 2 does because I'm retaining so many bucks this year! But nope,, so I've got some deciding to do... basically who ever grows faster will get to stay on as a buck for breeding the dual purpose girls. This guy certainly has the look I love! and his mother has a beautiful udder, easy to milk... just like the mothers of the other bucklings I have!  Its hard when there are no culls in the herd!
 Here is his sister, Shoshanna! what a big name for a tiny baby girl... she won't be little long... not with the way she eats!
 and heres momma Nadia! She's a beautiful goat. And also had one of the easiest kiddings out of all my girls this year... and I've freshened 13 girls... so far...
Only 3 more girls to kid ... Cinnabun
and 2 Nigerians, Melody & Suduko... then no more kids till winter!
Well, no more kids being born here... I have 3 boer doelings (and 1 adult) reserved for pick up 1st weekend in June!!!! I'm super excited!!! I need more boer genetics... I just love them.
Days are so busy lately, but I'm trying to take time and just enjoy the farm... its so beautiful!
Have a very blessed weekend out there!