Wednesday, April 24, 2013

And then it was SPRING!

Maybe... our weather has been so crazy this 'spring'! Lots and lots of rain, very hot and then freezing again! Hard on a farm girl trying to get her garden in! Also hard on my goats! Esp. the kids. I have been very very blessed this year with beautiful kids... from my own does, as well as some kids I purchased from other breeders. Like these two below.. from Kira's Kids Dairy out in Spencer, TN. Paris & Peyton.. they are 50% Lamancha & 50% Saanen.
ADGA Paris & Peyton! Love little cute ears on these girls
 And I can't forget to mention Arwen, also from Kira's Kids... I wish I had a picture of her dams udder! It was unreal! I'm so looking forward to freshening these girls next year! and a bonus... they all 3 have wattles!
Arwen, ADGA Lamancha/Nubian/Saanen
 And also at the farm this spring.. new baby ducks and new baby chicks... I love our Welsh Harlequins, they are super foragers, great layers and look beautiful on our pond... but we have 2 ponds. And I would like a bigger duck with more meat & dual purpose possiblities. So we're giving these guys a try on the other pond. I also raised some Pekins that are way past their harvest date... talk about fast growing & healthy. We have plans to raise more of these and if possible, when more fencing allows start a separate flock of them in a creek lot.
I also raised some Dominique chicks this year... hoping for a broody breed! We also took in some hens from my wild crafting friend  Marie  (click her name to check out her great site about wild foods, she also does wild crafting hikes)  The hens we got from Marie are 4 Australorps, a breed we've raised before and really like... and also 2 Easter Eggers! Which we have never had... they lay the cute blue eggs. Plus they are really pretty chickens. I may raise a few more for the future.

More duckies! Rare Anconas...
 In addition to all the does and new doelings I added a registered Nubian buckling from Trillium Ridge this year to breed to all my dairy girls. He has a great background with Infinity lines  , a dam with a productive nice udder.. and he was 58 lbs by 8 weeks... great growth rate!
ADGA Puh-Pow Nubian buckling, his picture at 8 weeks
 I have 4 milkers freshened so far this year!  below is another beautiful udder... and one of my favorite girls to milk.. Mabel...   So far...
Mabels udder, second freshening. Picture taken a week before she kidded.

This beautiful spotted Nubian below was my favorite/best girl. We called her Miss Jackson... I lost her this year in March to was the most heart breaking loss I've experienced yet on this farm. My barnyard is not the same without her...  I am thankful for the time I had her. Such a wonderful girl... she is missed very much. Probably always will be.
She is the number 1 reason I decided to try Nubians again after my train wreck first 3 Nubians!And well...
though the wreck was not as bad... nubians in 'pure' form are not for me... (more about that fiasco is on my website!)

Miss Jackson, one of the best goats I've ever had the pleasure of owning
I had added these too.... The previous owner had them with his crazy Alpine herd, where they were beat up alot and didn't get as much food as they should have (admitted by previous owner at my time of purchase), so their growth has been stunted as a result of this... they are 1 year old in this pic!!!! This is just a couple of days after I bought them... they have grown now that they are getting enough food and are in a low stress situation living with Jr. doelings.. they are very kind darlings to the doelings... wonderful girls... They will be given extra time to grow and will be bred this fall to freshen at 2 yrs of age.
Little cuties... Nubian yearlings, Abby & Addi, they are best buddies.
Well, thats part of whats going on at the farm this spring...   My Nigerian does that have kidded beautiful little kids that all have already been sold and will be headed to their new homes shortly.
And the garden... we are completely re doing our gardening this year. Lots of new varieties we're trying , along with our old stand-bys... new methods of growing experiments.. I'm excited about it all... or I would be if I were not so tired  :)


  1. Howdy Neighbor!
    Found your blog via your website! Love it! We're excited about adding dairy goats to our farm in the future, but we're not quite ready yet! In the meantime, we'll be reading your blog and living vicariously!

  2. HI Susan! where in TN are you??? You will love having goats on your farm... nothing like them!