Saturday, February 16, 2013

Right around the corner....

Nigerian Dwarf baby goats
 Its been an eventful year so far! and just getting started! I've already had 6 goats deliver 13 kids! And its not over... I have 9 more goats to deliver between now and June!!
I'm always amazed when I go to blog at how long its been since I last blogged! In Knoxville I couldn't go a week without blogging about some sewing project or some trip me and The Bald Man was taking... my how things have changed so much! I'm always so busy.. but lately I've been in the house more trying to get caught up on all my Crazy Goat Lady orders... BTW: a BIG THANKS to all my customers out there!

Nigerian Dwarf cross babies
 I love love kidding season... thankfully Nigerian Dwarfs & my dual purpose goats can kid all year long! Anytime can be kidding season!

More Pure bred registered Nigerian Dwarfs with their kids

The new crew... ADGA Lamanchas & Recorded grades
 I decided to ad big goats back to my herd last fall for reasons I talk about on my website.  One breed I added was Lamanchas and some Lamancha crosses...

One of my favorite does.... due March!
 I also, after much much consideration added back 2 Nubians... not my favorite breed by any means because of my first Nubians being so bad! But I added one purebred Nubian , which I really only bought because I wanted her Nubian/Lamancha cross kids... and she is a nice girl, and a heavy producer!! ... not loud or rowdy.. and I added the girl above... she is not a purebred... but something better! I love this sweet.
This little guy is just a couple of hours old...

 Planting season right around the corner... Heres some of my Buckeye chickens picking at the remains of my winter garden thats about to be covered in mulch and rabbit manure!
Another baby goat... this is Jewls.... and no... she's not a Nubian.... I could go into what kind of mix she is... but it would take a while :)

Well, thats a quick little update on the farm .. I have to get out there and milk... and try to trick my ducks into going up! They have started to lay finally!! and if I don't get them up in their little house at night Annabelle (LGD) will eat all their yummy eggs!!! I don't blame her.... duck eggs are SO good!

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