Friday, October 26, 2012

Finally its FALL!

And I'm so glad! It is! It was a long hot summer and I was ready for it!! I'm also getting ready for the fall/winter kid crop!!!!! The first Nigerian Dwarf babies for the fall arrived just a few days ago...they are already sold but there's  more to come!

Below are some boys I added to the herd for the Homestead goat program. The boy on your right has meat genetics and had a dam that produced 2 gallons a day... best of both worlds there! The boy on the left is out of an ennobled Boer  and had a mother (boer/kiko/alpine cross) with a great udder! I can't wait to use these boys in the program this spring!

 Our piggies are growing good! I just moved them from their baby lot to the big wood lot area. We have 4 ... Our boar is a Pure bred American Guinea hog, ... and we bought 2 feeders to raise also... Shake & Bake... since it will be awhile before our sow is old enough to produce piglets for us! I love having the pigs. When we raised one feeder last year I didn't think I'd ever want pigs again... but the pork was just to good... and the docile nature of this breed really makes them nice homestead hogs,,, and their smaller size is perfect! (250 lbs grown)
 The Buckeye chickens and roos are getting huge! I wish they would start laying!!! Some roos are past ready for the freezer though... nothing like home grown chicken! Tastes nothing like store chicken I was amazed when we ate our first farm raised roo a few weeks ago.. I knew after that I'd want more of our own chicken... I didn't even like chicken tell I had ours.
 Below is a very very nice Mille Fleur out of the breeders I raised last year. I like these little chickens but I'm not sure I will continue breeding them. I may just keep them for broodies. They are great at hatching!
 This is my boy! Zeke!!! I love this dog.. smart and beautiful. Like a dobe should be.... just an all around good dog... great bloodlines... his sire a conformation champion and his dam trained in field tracking sport. He is a joy to train... like every other dobe I've ever had.
 My favorite (don't tell the others) baby goat! This is Priscilla... a registered Boer cross for our homestead goat program...
 One of the new baby Nigerian Dwarfs born a few days ago... These are my first kids from NC Promised Land Lebron! He sure produced a looker here!
 Loving my ducks more and more... anxiously awaiting that first big rich duck egg.... I love my chickens but if duck eggs are as good as everyone says they are I may cut back my chicken flock and add more ducks! They are very enjoyable to have around... love seeing them on our pond... but our other pond needs its own flock....
 2 Homestead Goat girls.... Maria and her daughter Nina! Both due this winter... These girls are as hardy as I've ever seen goats! Maria obviously produces meaty offspring! I bought them at the end of her lactation, but she had open orifices and a decent udder for a first freshener. I am looking forward to her freshening this year and hoping her kids will be just as meaty in size!
Well thats the farm this fall.... some of it!  I'm adding more dogs to the farm that will need much training... like the ones I already train! and I have 5 more does due to kid in the next 3 months... a great little fall/winter garden... 8 chickens needing to go to the freezer and thinking seriously about buying some more ducklings to raise for the other pond... still have some canning to do from the garden produce I froze until I could get to it! not to mention my online business selling goat milk skin care and goat milk soaps!
Never a dull moment....
God Bless! and pray our country makes the right decision this year in choosing the NEW president!

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  1. hi Angelina :) where are you in TN? we moving right now from cleveland to Harrison to a old farm :)

    LG Nicole