Friday, July 13, 2012

Long Summer Days

This year we are getting our homesteading butts kicked! Lots of our tomatos are struggling with early blight, sun scald... My hens hatched out like 21 cockerels and only 6 hens! Some of our baby goats got entrotoximia and I didn't have the antitoxin to save them all... by the time I got it, I was only able to save 2 , lost 4! (always have C&D antitoxin on hand!) Parasites are bad this year... my adults are doing good though! Just doubled up on some herbs. Our large field of corn is slow growing this year... my small experimental corn field of bloody butcher is good but its just small... Provider beans once again.. Provided! lots of fresh eating and lots of quarts canned! Kentucky pole is just starting to produce so we'll see. Pepper plants are rockin'. Summer squash played out early... watching the winter squash now... My ducklings are doing great... but they are super messy! Way messier than chickens! But I love'em!
Welsh duckies!!!!
Lots and lots of Provider beans,,,, they are on the grow list EVERY year!

 Myotonic meat goat mix Edith turned dairy goat??? Yep! More on that another time... She is part of our Homestead Goat project.
 Coco's baby doeling , Ester, one week old here. Coco had a very hard birth, we lost her buckling :(
But little Ester is doing great!! Bigger everyday! Polled like her momma.

Have a Blessed weekend!

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  1. what for cute pictures!!!! awww and i"m sorry with your chickens, 6 hens & 21 cockerels. Befor we moved to the USA i had silkies in Germany. And one time it hetched only 1 hen :(((