Tuesday, May 22, 2012

KID UPDATE! Brie had buck & doe this morning!!

Just look at this baby girl Starbucks and Brie have made!!!! She is incredible! One of the flashiest kids I think I've ever seen.... beautiful baby girl... and yes, she is retained! and even looks to have blue eyes... and her chances of being a good milker is very high! With Starbucks lines and Brie freshening with a huge udder!
 I think I took like 50 pictures of her.... now I don't breed for 'color' I breed for milk and health... with Nigerians the color just comes...

 Brie's baby boy is very very long... nice buckling! Not as flashy as his sister but super nice... esp. since Brie has freshened with a great balanced udder, open orifices and its huge, I can't wait to milk her to see how much is in there! I probably won't keep the boy since I have 4 bucks already... which is more than enough for my small herd... but I'd like to keep him...

Retained doelings so far this year.....

NC Promisedland Butter(NC Promisedland Tempest & CV Sharpie) and Gods Blessing Charmed(LTE Cleome & Woodhaven Luzifer Blue)
Gods Blessing Cami (LTE Melody & Rosasharn Chewbacca)
My little Gods Blessing Farm dairy goat herd is growing.... which means eventually I'll have to make some cuts since I refuse to crowd my goats.... they are no where near being crowded now ... and I plan to keep it that way... crowding goats stresses them out and makes it impossible to control worms! Plus it ensures they have browse to eat... which cuts way back on my feed bill....
and thank goodness Nigerians don't take up to much room!  :-) 

Have an awesome week!
God Bless!

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