Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Fast Forward to... APRIL!

Well, planting the garden is in full swing here! Planting all Heirloom & open pollinated Vegetables this year! Some even sprouted in my very own green house....(yay me!)
And I've got goat kids, Myotonics and Nigerians everywhere! With 3 more Nigerians left to kid! And one goofy Nubian left to kid...which as soon as she has her kids weaned she's outta here!! And must downsize a few more kids too... :(
 I have 4 broody hens setting a nice bunch of D'Uccle eggs!!! Hoping for a few self blues and maybe a black or 2!!! Along with some Millies of course! Our Heritage American Blue rabbits had more kits! more rabbit on the table yum!

Edith, My favorite Fainting goat doe, her 2 kids, Kat, another Fainting doe (don't tell her Edith is my fav!) and ofcourse Buffy, the guard donkey that I absolutely LOVE!
 My first kid of the season was Cami in Jan.... A LTE Melody & Rosasharn Chewbacca baby girl,,, can't believe how she's grown... so long and pretty!!!
 Gotta throw a little pic of my girl Melody's udder, Cami's mom... crazy open orifices to milk, butter soft! Milks out so fast! Really hoping Chewbacca and Melody give me a superstar milker with Cami... If so... Chewbacca and Melody might have to hook up again!
So much to do.... filling lots of orders for my business lately! AND I'm in 2 retail stores now! Ofcourse one is my moms quilt shop The Cotton Patch in Athens... maybe that doesn't count....
But the other definitely counts... Its a store in Maryville called The Rabbit Hole... I'll add a link when they get a website up... I'm super excited and hope the products go well there.

Well thats it for now... gotta go close up the chickens and say good nite to the goats and Buffy :)
God Bless and have a lovely evening!

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  1. checking in! y'all must not be getting all the rainfall that we are, haven't seen sunshine in days.