Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Spring... Almost here... Kidding season... is HERE!

I'm always shocked when I notice how long its been in between blog posts... because in Knoxville I blogged every week!
I did have ALOT more time on my hands though...

Yep, kidding season has arrived at Gods Blessing Farm! Finally! So far my girls have given birth to 3 doelings... all beautiful ofcourse! And I've added a few kids too from other farms. Below is NC Promised Land Tempest with her new babies.. Sweet Hannah and Sweet Butter! Their sire is Caesars Villa Sharpie. She just had them yesterday! First born on the farm... Little Camembert Uno ... Cami for short... dam is LTE Melody , sire is Rosasharn Chewbacca... beautiful long legged doeling! She was huge! I just knew Melody had 2 growing... but nope.. just one huge doeling! :)

On top of kidding, we finally got out bacon back from Benton's. Our hog yielded 27 lbs of it...

and its amazing! I've not had bacon like this since I was a little kid. We are not raising another hog this year though.So its gotta last!.. this year is to concentrate on goats and poultry... and always gardening! But next year we will have to make time to raise another one... as I will not be able to eat the tasteless pork from the store again.

My green house!! This was a Christmas present from the Bald Man and now I'm getting to use it.

One of my goals is to be a great gardener... a seed sprouting, organically raising, 4 season gardener... I have a long way to go.. but I could not do it with out the green house! I love it!

Every week,,,, I have to make Goat Milk soap, lotion or some other goat milk skin care product for my business..

and I love it.. not only does it put my Esthetics education to use when I have to formulate products...but helps me save money for more goats!! :)

Another Christmas present from Bald Man that I'm just now able to use! A cream Separator!!! This thing is awesome! We now have our own half and half.. ice cream... and so many other great things that you can only get with cream... I can't wait to make butter! Once I have a few more girls in milk it shouldn't be a problem with this!

And able to make hard cheeses again! Which is great because the cheese cave was bare! Not anymore. Last year I made several hard cheeses... some turned out great ... some.. not so much!

My favorite last year was the Saffron Infused Chevre Cheddar... it was so delicious and only had to age a month to be yummy! I plan to concentrate on more unique artisan cheeses this year.. last year I mainly made the basics... cheddar, monteray jack, Parmesan. Ofcourse I make the usual soft goat cheese and chevre.. mozzarella, ricotta.. but they are so easy it doesn't 'feel' like I'm really making cheese... The hard cheeses are what I love to make.. they look so neat! Taste so good... and seem special or something. I guess I feel that way because I know all the work I put into a wheel of the hard stuff.

Well, thats a quick review of whats going on at the farm! And I mean it!!!! I have got to start blogging regular! I loved in Knoxville how blogging let me go back and look at all I had done in the year. It would be nice to be able to do that with my farm blog too...

Have a very blessed week!


  1. The babies are so cute!!!!

  2. Hi Angelia,
    I really enjoyed your post. I'm new to dairy goats (nubians) and blogging myself. I'd love to learn to make cheese and I so want one of those cream separators! I have a glass jar with a spigot at the bottom for separating the cream....takes a while though! :) Your blue eyed baby is so cute! I was torn between nigerians and nubians, but my husband talked me into nubians. Great post.