Thursday, January 12, 2012

Happy Farm Days....

17 goats now.... but selling all the Alpines so I can concentrate on the Nigerian dairy herd.

Little Brie... the cutest baby goat... not such a baby anymore! She's protesting having her picture made here... I didn't give her enough time to 'pose' for the camera which she usually does so well! Melody is due in like 2 weeks!!!!! She got a trim yesterday to get ready for the babies, this pic was obviously taken before a trim!!!!! Her udder is starting to fill up. She is bred to Rosasharn Chewbacca! I can't wait! But I'm so nervous and hope all goes well... she's supposed to be an 'easy kidder' but each time is different... just saying a little prayer this time is no different!

Brie and Goldie were sweetly eating together at the hay feeder I made them ... then they saw me and thought for sure I would have a treat! which ofcourse is better than hay....

A new items added to my "Farm Girl Couture" made from feed bags accessory line.. Wristlets!

Below is a Goat Wristlet...
Each one has a key chain clip and wrist band to wear as a bracelet... perfect for quick trips to town or anywhere you might need a little money or credit cards and don't need a large purse with all your 'stuff'! Very easy carry item.

The inside of each wristlet has a place for credit cards and a zipper pocket for money.

This Puppy Chow wristlet has doggie paw print lining and band! Its so cute!

A chicken wristlet! Made from a Layena bag and fancied up a bit with a pearl embellished key ring I recycled.

Goat Milk Shampoo Bars! These are just so good, all natural. Great for your hair. I'm getting ready to set up at the Knoxville Boat show.. so building inventory has been a major focus this month. ....I'm hoping to relieve bored women who are there with their husbands with some retail therapy while he looks at the same bass boat for the hundredth time! :)

I've added several new soap scents... like this one made with Tomato extract (to help improve skin texture) my Goat Milk Vitamin C Fruit Punch bar... smells so refreshing, just like fruit punch.. makes me want summer to get here!

Dry skin a problem for so many people... and Goat Milk products certainly help with that! But I've added some products not only formulated with goat milk but also with herbs, special oils and special additives that fight inflammation on the skin. Like this lotion ... Anti Inflammatory Eczema Relief Goat Milk Lotion... I have a Anti-Inflammatory soap curing to go with it.

I've also added these Body Butter Bars... for dry heels, elbows and knees.. or just for extra, extra dry skin! I've made them using my most popular scents. They are made with extremely moisturizing butters and oils... grape seed oil, cocoa butter, babassu oil (amazing stuff!) and beeswax ( draws moisture to the skin)

And added many more Goat Milk Body Lotions.. and added larger bottles! Available in the ever popular Peaches & Cream, Raspberry Truffle, Ginger Spice and the new Coconut & Avocado... and my new exclusive scent blend 'Island Hottie'! Also available in body mists! And yes! all this can be ordered on my Online store from the website! yay! Free shipping on orders over $35 and free gift with every order! or if your in the area come to the boat show in Knoxville!! Check out the new boats for 2012.. and shop :)

All this and have all my spring seeds for the garden ordered! Trying some new stuff this year.. like ground cherries! Everything we are growing this year is open pollinated and lots of heirlooms! Meanwhile to goats, chicken and rabbits are making all the fertilizer I'll ever need!

Have a great week! God Bless!

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